GaN HEMT Tutorial

PPTs for down load: GaN Power HEMT Tutorial

GaN Power HEMT Tutorial

In this page, we provide several tutorial presentation slides for GaN power HEMT devices. You are welcome to download the slides. If you need to use any portion of these ppt, please provide a proper reference to our original documents, thanks.

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part1: GaN Basics

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part1-GaN Basics
This ppt slides gives you a brief introduction to GaN HEMT device structures, their features, design and fabrication of these devices as well as an understanding of device parameter testing.

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part2: GaN Driving

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part2-GaN Driving
GaN gate driving is similar to that of Super Junction MOSFET. However, there are many differences too. With high dv/dt and di/dt, parasitic capacitance and inductance both in the device package and on the PCB can cause serious issues.

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part3: GaN Applications

GaN Power Device Tutorial Part3-GaN Applications
This slides give a brief survey of GaN applications as well as GaNPower’s advanced SCC-LCLC converter demos.