Power electronics is the back bone of renewable energy conversions. Silicon based power devices such as DMOS and IGBT have reached their performance limit. GaN is here to further reduce energy loss during power conversions. Currently, we are focusing on several power electronics systems for GaN HEMTs applications, including, but not limited to laptop power adapter, solar cell micro-inverter, power module for EV charging stations and data center server power module.

Laptop power adapter:

At GaNPower, we believe a good product should be a unique blend of technology and art. That is why we are not only focusing on the most advanced power conversion technologies using GaN HEMT as the power switch, but also we are striving to deliver a masterpiece of artwork. We are building the world’s smallest and most elegant power adapter for both laptop and other mobile devices.

Solar panel micro-inverters:

In comparison with central inverters, solar panel micro-inverters work for each panel alone, which allows individual optimization and maximum power point tracking (MPPT). Micro-inverters are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are more energy efficient (about 5 to 25% increase in power output) which lowers the cost for users in the long run. Most micro-inverters are under 1 KW. GaN devices are very suitable for micro-inverters, because power efficiency really matters for solar panels! In the meantime, GaN devices can operate at a higher switching speed, enabling a smaller form factor and higher power density. We are developing the highest efficiency micro-inverters in the world using GaN HEMTs.


Electric vehicle charge stations:

Electric vehicles are gradually replacing gasoline cars in every corner of the world. One of the biggest challenge for the adoption of electric vehicles is the availability of a high efficient, fast charging and high power charge stations. Due to the nature of high power consumption, the efficiency is the key for these charge stations. Even half a percent of efficiency increase means a lot of savings in the long run. GaN power devices are naturally better choice than silicon in these applications. The power module of a charge station consists of an AC to DC converter, with 400V voltage output to charge car batteries. We are developing the new generation EV charge stations with our partners.

GaN HEMTs based server power module:

Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, now is an era of cloud computing and big data. The data center needs lots of servers, and every server has a power range between a few hundred watts to one thousand watts. It has been shown that if we can gain 1% of efficiency for each server by switching silicon power devices to GaN power devices, the power we saved will be amazing. As example, in 2010, global power consumption of data centers was close to 200 billion Kilowatt. If every server power is equipped with GaN HEMT devices, which improve the efficiency by 1%,  we will be able to save 2 billion kilowatts. That is enough to power a mid-sized city for a whole year. If in the near future, the server power consumption increases 10 times, then the power that we saved by using GaN HEMTs can power a large city such as San Francisco or Toronto. We are working with participating server power providers to deliver the best server power module solutions.