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Si Driver + GaN Chip Copackage

GaNPower International Inc. (GPI) is pleased to announce the release of a new product GPI65030CO which is a GaN power transistor copackaged with a silicon based gate driver IC. It is a result of joint research and development effort by GaNPower International Inc. (GPI) and its world-wide research partners.

The copackaged IC module features a main power transistor of E-mode GaN rated at 650V and 30A (59 mOhm). The silicon based driver IC is a low side gate driver with propagation delay of about 17ns and rise/fall times of 5ns and 3 ns, respectively. Packaged in a compact DFN (6x8mm) the power IC module combines the best of two worlds: high performance of GaN technology and maturity of silicon BCD technology. The module enables high frequency power switching at around one mega hertz and the product is offered at a competitive price. Applications include cloud server power supplies, EV on-board charger and intelligent power modules (IPM).

More details are available from our datasheet [GPI65030CO], here are some testing results and modules photos.

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